Campania Movietour

In viaggio nei luoghi del cinema - A Cinematic Journey on Movie Locations


Naples is together with Rome the most depicted Italian city on film: its alleys, galleries, hills and palaces have been explored by the movie camera from the beginning of the cinema history. Campania Movietour is a new and fascinating way to visit the city discovering its cinematic soul and its movie locations. During the walking tour, our licensed guides will provide insider perspectives and anecdotes about filming on location, without disregarding the history of the city and also paying attention to landmarks and monuments. Using pictures and video sequences the guides will show you incredible places shot in titles such as The Gold of Naples, The Treasure of San Gennaro, Passione, The Wholly Family, Journey to Italy, Marriage Italian Style, The Four Days of Naples, and other Neapolitan masterpieces including actors like Sophia Loren, Totò, Ingrid Bergman, Marcello Mastroianni, Massimo Troisi, Jack Lemmon, John Turturro, Julia Roberts.

Together with the standard formula, each tour includes an optional special formula with the presence of a group of local actors, performing scenes and dialogues from the movies in the same locations they were filmed.

Campania Movietour will involve you in a cinematic experience in Naples, a fictional journey you’ll never forget.

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Campania Movietour is a project dedicated to the promotion of the cultural heritage of Naples and the Campania region through the film-induced-tourism, an opportunity to visiting the places of the region filmed in the TV and cinematic productions: Naples and Campania are important protagonists of the film history, hosting hundreds of film productions, and each location is able to evok the emotions of the big screen.

The film-induced tourism is a phenomenon spread all over the world and, according to studies and surveys, represents an incredible driver for attracting visitors. Studies have shown that locations that have been used in TV shows and movies experience a surge in tourism after a film’s release. More and more companies are starting film tours to capitalize on this phenomenon.

Foundend in 2008 by Annalisa Ciaravola, Massimiliano Gaudiosi and Mariasole Mautone, Campania Movietour has quickly become an original and appreciated tourist attraction, organizing cinematic itineraries and on-location experiences for tourists and tour operators and testing similar projects in other cities like Ferrara and Sevilla.

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