Naples Movie Tour – Vicaria

Naples Movie Tour – Vicaria


The tour will explore the ancient Vicaria, a district situated in the historical center of Naples. During the itinerary, the history of many protagonists – like Eduardo de Filippo, Nino Manfredi, Julia Roberts, Vittorio De Sica – will be evoked. Frames and pictures will give you the chance to compare the real locations of the city with the cinematic backgrounds.

Among the many movies of the tour, the following are worthy of note: the extraordinary musical documentary Passione by John Turturro, La sfida (The Challenge) by Francesco Rosi, Non ti pago (I Don’t Pay You) by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia, Lo spazio bianco (The White Space) by Francesca Comencini.

The walking tour will concern locations such as:

Church of S. Giovanni a Carbonara: Package, Double Package and Counterpackage (N. Loy, 1993)

Castel Capuano, Assunta Spina (G. Serena, 1915); The Professor (G. Tornatore, 1986)

Lanificio, The Challenge (F. Rosi, 1958)

Piazzetta Riario Sforza, Passione (J. Turturro, 2010), The Wholly Family (T. Gilliam, 2010)

Via Tribunali, Eat, Pray, Love (R. Murphy, 2010)

Via S. SofiaI Don’t Pay You (C. L. Bragaglia, 1942); The Last Judgement (V. De Sica, 1960)

Duration: approx. 3 hours

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