Boutique Incoming Tour Operator Naples & Campania: La Dolce Vita Best Travel Experiences & Activities, Bus Rental, Daily & Shore Excursions, Tour Guides, & Daily City Tours.

Rimontitours is an Italian Boutique Incoming Tour Operator with over three generations of experience.

We welcome travelers to Naples and Campania with the mission of sharing la dolce vita experience and all the history, culture and natural beauties of our city and region in a traditional and memorable way through the tours we offer and the travel services we provide.


With professionalism, great love and thorough knowledge of the area, we offer cultural and gastronomic itineraries in Italy and in our region Campania: land of volcanoes, medieval towns, archaeological sites, long standing customs and land of delicious typical unique food and wine production.


The elements of quality, attention to detail, uniqueness, authenticity and harmony are part of our business philosophy. We plan and customize individual or group itineraries, activity experiences, and tours for the individual traveler, tour operators and travel agents.


Our team is Your team and our travel experts are here to assist you with planning every detail of your trip from one-day city tours, to food and wine tastings, to travel services that you may need such as transportation, expert tour guides, and accommodation; as well as tailored suggestions for any type of request when planning a visit Italy.


Expertise, passion and loyalty are ours keys to success, and this is what we give to our customers and business partners.